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First, KaiDiWei Spirit
Ideological morality Aboveboard; Organizational discipline Stop that.Work; Attitude Rigorous is simple; Business technology strives for perfection; Colleagues Love and respect.People skills honest and straight;Unity and progress the arduous struggle;  Reform and innovation the pursuit of excellence
Credibility of the first services to our clients
Purpose efficiency first service first
Second, KaiDiWei Organizational Culture
Cohesion, coordination, cooperation, passion and responsibility
Resources are limited, only culture is a perennial. KaiDiWei company believes, the modern enterprise competition in the final analysis is the competition of enterprise culture, so Bosiny company constantly build the unique corporate culture. Bosiny company scale is constantly expanding, responsibility is in constant increase.Company emphasizes solidarity, not afraid difficulty, be indomitable, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence tradition.Company will be corporate culture throughout the company core factors such as capital, the core technology, talent!
Employee relationship value and the value of the company: the company value maximization is the basis of value, individual value maximization is everyone’s goal.Customer oriented service process will be the company’s management and business to the market and customers, the greatest extent to meet the customer’s service process is to create the value of the company process.
Three, KaiDiWei Core Values
Guided by value maximization treasure Bosiny company code of conduct
Honesty and trust.Team efficiency;Enterprising achievement;Passion is responsible to achieve the basic requirements of the value maximization
Honesty is a fundamental, trust is the principle of doing things.Trust each other, respect each other, between employees and aboveboard personhood, candid and play fair.Each employee is an important force in creating value
Team is the collective wisdom, cooperative engagement, teamwork is the precondition of produce efficiency, the effect of 1 + 1 > 2 is teamwork, and efficiency is the most practical way to maximize the value of the company
Progress is the means of achievement, achievement is the purpose of the enterprise.Through constant innovation and change, the pursuit of the company’s long-term value, we are not in a moment of gain and loss, realizing the maximization of company’s long-term value is our common success
Passion is the foundation of success, responsible is the principle of doing things.Lack of passion to stifle creativity, every employee in the work full of passion and vitality, to cause the persistent pursuit and highly engaged, starts from the minor matter, starts from oneself, conscientious, responsible for the company, responsible for the performance and responsibility
Fourth,  KaiDiWei Culture
Company by the company’s mission, values, employees’ values and values for the team
Company mission: responsible for the customer, responsible for the staff, responsible for the society
Company values: on the basis of excellent traditional culture, to the pursuit of excellence for the process, in order to value maximization as the goal
Personal values: honesty, trust, enterprising, achievement, and make a noble moral character and valuable people
Team values: team, vitality, learning and innovation